Get all the headlines and snippets from top 50 news sources for realtors

Straits Times, Business Times, CNA, Propertyguru and even down to some blogs and property news sites like Stacked Homes, we've got you covered.

Never waste time scanning for relevant news

Never manually dig for news again. We save you the time and trouble of scanning & being distracted by irrelevant news just to find those that matter to you.

Use the news to start conversations, bolster negotiations or even find great deals

Leverage the latest news will ensure you get the best deal for your client and they will love you more for it!

Know all news from your favourite districts

Is a new MRT coming up near your district? How about landslides in a BTO construction area? You will want to know everything so you are never again out of the loop.

Establish yourself as a real estate expert

People buy from the best. Always be seen by everyone, as being the most up to date agent of all time. Everything that is reported about a district you'll always be in the know.

Back up everything you say with the latest news from multiple sources

Be able to convince others with news that is generated by trusted neutral sources. No more relying on companies to give their views before you can execute your plans.

Customised districts

You never have to read irrelevant news or spam WhatsApp messages about districts you do not care about.

Timed forwarding

No more spam that comes in at random times of the day. Get all the happenings at one go.

How it works

Complete your onboarding with 8ambrief

You get to pick your chosen districts from our list of 28 districts, according to your packages.

Choose districts you'd like to monitor

Pick your favourite districts from the the list of 28 districts, according to your packages.

Start receiving stacks of info the very next day

Receive all the news published in the past 24 hours at 8am each day. Also see of all of the past news as well.

Never be out of the news loop or left out in discussions

People who know more, earn more. That is the way of commerce. Information is power.

If you are out of touch or lack up to date knowledge, the opportunities to earn or even network is going to pass you by.

Pricing built for agents of all business sizes

Check out our highly affordable pricing packages. Tune in to the districts of your interest & receive daily news relevant to your districts on Telegram channel at SGT 8:00am daily!

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