June 1, 2021

Here's Why Every Realtor Should Use News To Sell Their Properties

Here's Why Every Realtor Should Use News To Sell Their Properties

The real estate market is no stranger to tough competition. 

That is why realtors are constantly looking for marketing strategies that will help them stand out. With the rise of technology in the recent couple of decades, digital marketing has come to the forefront of these marketing efforts. 

But while paid advertisement and social media platforms are highly effective at generating new leads, how do you maintain your client’s interest to successfully complete the sale?  

It’s simple, really – leverage the news! 

In this article, we’ll cover how you can do just that – let’s dive right in!

1. It helps you stay informed about your district of choice

Focusing property marketing efforts only on a handful of districts is a common practice among realtors and also a smart way to avoid spreading yourself too thin. 

But how can you ensure you stay apprised of all property-related ongoings in those areas? If you answer keeping your ear to the ground and staying in touch with inside connections, then you’re losing out on more chances than you know. 

Don’t get us wrong, we understand the importance of having valuable sources to turn to when you’re looking for information, however leveraging local news is equally, if not more important to realtors. 

This is because instead of waiting around for vital information to reach you, proactively keeping up to date with news reports can help you get leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors. This advantage is particularly beneficial in an industry like real estate, where housing markets change on a daily basis!

2. It’s reliable and accurate

Unlike your other sources, local news reports are accurate and accessible to everyone. This means instead of taking the information you’re offered from others with a grain of salt, you can comfortably ensure its precision when you pass it along to your clients. 

But why does this matter? What’s a few little mistakes along the way, right? 

Okay then, picture this – you’re a prospective home buyer looking to get some recommendations from your property agent but they end up offering you information that is either out-dated or false. No matter how profusely they apologize at that moment, what’s the likelihood that you trust their judgement or suggestions from there onwards? 

We’re betting you answered anywhere from little to none, and that’s all it takes for your client to move on to a competitor. 

However, reliability isn’t all you get out of depending on the news – but also convenient accessibility. Since the news is widely available to anyone looking for it, referring your clients to the source of your information would be a lot easier instead of simply expecting them to take your word for it. All you need to do is pass on the appropriate links and they can take it from there!

3. It builds credibility 

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, especially when you're in a relationship-based business with such high stakes, like real estate. 

In fact, most veteran agents can definitely testify on the importance of building trust to succeed in this industry – and educating yourself with sound information from the market can help you do exactly just that! 

From supporting your ideas and proposals with latest marketing trends, to driving your sale’s pitch with just the right information to back you up, prepping yourself with news on current issues in the industry will paint you as an expert in the field. 

Remember, nobody wants to put one of the biggest decisions of their lives in the hands of agents who come across as unprepared, unprofessional, or lacking in competency.

4. It helps you sell better and earn more comms

Leveraging the local news can also help you identify trends in the area. 

For instance, was there a recent government announcement on the decision to build an MRT station in the district? How about plans on building a new shopping centre or any other upcoming projects? Keeping track of news like this will not only help you sell a property in that location quicker, but also provide you the opportunity to hike up its pricing and earn more comms for yourself. 

Similarly, when you have access to information like these, you can even use it to identify the districts worth your marketing efforts as well as ones that hold potential for the future. That’s right, no more shooting in the dark or settling for districts just because others crowd it! 

Pro tip: Other factors to keep an eye on would be news about local politics, schools, and crime reports. All of these data have potential to influence buying and selling patterns among homeowners. 

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